Healing With the Masters: Gold Members Access [VIDEO]

Healing With the Masters Season 17

Healing With the Masters is an online global telesummit that features several speakers on the topic of healing using the positive energy of your body, your mind, and your spirit. This event is created and hosted by Jennifer Mclean, and she is the host for 27 featured speakers that talk about using your creative energy to manifest your best life.

This event has been running for 16 seasons, starting in 2008. Since the start, this event has attracted more than 1,000,000 people around the world who have done their own healing work and transformed their life from a state of scarcity and difficulty into a state of abundance and ease.

Personally, I have learned valuable lessons from these sessions – I was once “kepela” (standing on opposite sides of the river) with abundance, but now it is my ally.

The question is though: what can it do for you? What can you gain from the 26 sessions that you can listen in for free during the 3 month run of Healing With the Masters?

What are the benefits of joining Healing With the Masters?

Jennifer does the 45 minute to 1 hour live call session every Tuesday and Thursday, each week, for 3 months. During this live call, you can call in using a land line telephone number, or use the webcast player form to raise your hand and ask a question. There is no charge to this, so you have the opportunity to ask Jennifer herself directly or your favorite healing master and get answers, insights, and clarity to what is troubling your life right now.

Jennifer and her friends have helped people be able to actualize the things they are trying to manifest and not just be stuck in the same spot forever. She has helped people who have been doing a lot of energy work but really don’t feel anything. She has even helped people receive support during a difficult time and a pain of loss.

One woman comments that Jennifer has helped in so many ways not long after her husband died.

If you are shy about talking about your problems to a live audience, then I recommend you make the effort to listen in on every call or as many calls as you can. This is because Jennifer believes the order of the calls are an energetic sequence, each one building after the other, and each caller is given the opportunity for a special reason: they speak on the behalf of everyone else who cannot voice their fears.

You have the option to listen in live or listen to the replay, but it is only available for 48 hours. Many people (especially women) miss out on these sessions and they often request Jennifer to make the replay available again. Being the generous person that she is, Jennifer often opens the replays again on the weekend.

If you still miss the replay reopen, then the only option is to upgrade to the Gold or Platinum package.

What do you get in the Membership upgrade?

In the Gold Membership package, you get audio downloads (MP3) of each session plus the unannounced bonus calls. You also get the PDF transcript of each call, which I find to be very handy when you want to listen again and follow along by reading the transcript (plus, you can highlight your favorite parts such as important resources, lessons, or meditation exercises). When you purchase this package, you get lifetime access, so you can enjoy the replay any time at your convenience – especially when you are feeling really in need of positive healing energy.

In the Platinum Membership package, you get all the benefits of the Gold package plus the physical version. This means not only do you get the downloads and lifetime access, you get a CD/DVD bundle and hard copy book containing the transcript sent to your address. This is especially useful for those of you who prefer something you can grab your hands on and put into your self improvement library for future reference.

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In short, I believe that living an abundant life means opening up our hearts to receive wisdom from any source.

I was skeptical at first that Healing With the Masters could give me anything different that hasn’t been offered by other spiritual “gurus”. However, since I was at a place where I couldn’t really afford to be picky about where abundance comes from, I “bit my teeth” and stuck with the program for the whole 3 months, waking up every Wednesday and Saturday at 05.00 in the morning to listen to the replays in my time zone. I am glad I did: this program has helped me understand more about how to work with abundance in my life, especially in regards to my wealth and my relationships.

I believe it can do the same for you too.

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