5 Reasons Healing With the Masters Can Make You Feel Healthier and Happier

Healing With the Masters

Healing With the MastersI already registered with Healing With the Masters since the 9th season, but I only listened to one call. For the season after that, I completely missed out because I was busy with work. I’m glad I took the time to fully participate in the 11th seasons, and partially in subsequent seasons, because only by going through the whole course as it was happening live did I understand the full power of participating in it.

I had so much fun and enlightenment during the previous season of Healing With the Masters – it really helped me deal with some healing work I needed done.

Since you’re on this page, I’d like to share some basic information about what Healing With the Masters is, who it’s for, and some personal testimonials from people who attended and also from myself, with the intention that it might help you do healing work that needs to be done in your life.

Here are 5 reasons Healing With the Masters can make you feel healthier and happier:

1. It’s free!

Healing With the Masters is a free online workshop. There is no charge to listen in on the calls, although each call has a time limit. If you miss a call, you can choose to upgrade to the digital package to own the recordings and listen at your own leisure.

2. You get to know one of the brightest, warmest persons on the planet

This program is created by Jennifer Mclean. She is the CEO of Mclean MasterWorks, and she personally hosts each of the sessions (or in the case she can not make it, another celebrated speaker will replace her place).

Jennifer is a bright person who has done intensive energy work herself. She did not have an easy life growing up. In fact, she confessed that both she and her sister grew up in very dark circumstances, but they were able to use that as a place to grow and to heal.

She is also very committed to building the Healing With the Masters community.

Near the end of the 11th season, Jennifer was struck with an unfortunate coincidence: her beloved younger sister, Abbey, passed away due to a head injury.

Jennifer had to leave the workshop that was still running to attend to her sister, but the team and the community came to her support with an overwhelming wave of love and compassion.

This experience humbled us all. It revealed that many of the people listening in on the sessions had also experienced major losses in their lives, or were going through the grieving and healing process as well. This kind of communion is what you will find and be part of in the Healing With the Masters community.

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3. Finally meet people who understand your “language”

It’s for people who already have a level of awareness, who already understand that each of us have creative powers and we can use these powers to create our best life, whether that be for wealth and career, for health, for relationships, and for spiritual fulfillment. It’s especially for people who are aware of this, but still have difficulty manifesting what they desire in life.

For example, one attendee who called in during a live session mentioned she had only been able to manifest a cat! Jennifer helped her to understand that even a cat could lead to a more meaningful discovery later on that could help resolve the woman’s most important issues in her life.

Not many people understand the word “manifestation” or “abundance”. At least, in my circle of friends, I’m the only one using it. I always get weird facial expressions when I try to help my friends go through difficult situations using the concepts and exercises of energy healing work.

Luckily, everybody in this community speaks the same language, so there’s a lot of learning and sharing happening.

4. Lots and lots of love and light

There are 27 sessions overall (not including bonus calls), and each session features a different expert in their respective fields. Talk about lots of love and light!

The speakers themselves vary from a wide variety of expertise. Some speakers are well known spiritual gurus, such as Panache Desai and Rikka Zimmerman, who always get a warm welcome from the listeners and always get many requests to have their session replays made available for a longer time.

(In fact, Rikka stepped in for Jennifer when she was unable to attend the live call (due to her sister’s condition). That goes to show how strong the bond between the enlightened people are in this community, regardless of how famous and successful they’ve become.)

Other speakers come from a more hard science field, such as Howard Martin and his Heart Math research, or Dr. Sara Gottfriend who is an expert on human hormones and how they affect our health.

One of my favorite speakers is Cynthia Kersey, who runs the Unstoppable Foundation that helps children in Africa receive proper education all year long (I’ll share more about Cynthia and her work in a later post).

5. Plenty of time to do the healing, slowly

This is probably the main cons of this program: there is just so much content to consume! Each session runs for 60 to 90 minutes, going deep into the subject of each expert speaker. There are 2 ways to listen to each session:

  1. You can listen live during the webcast to get the opportunity to call in and ask a question
  2. Or you can listen to the replay which is available for only 48 hours after the live call

Even so, Jennifer often reopens the replay during the weekend, due to the often overwhelming amount of people who request so. At the end of each session, you get a chance to learn more about the subject through the special offers provided through a collaboration between Jennifer and the expert.

For example, many people decided to jump in on the opportunity during Mashhur Anam’s call and bought his holographic tools to help expand their abundance and vibration. These special offers are often only exclusively available during 48 hours after the call and do not open again – at all!

Personally, I took the time to listen to each and every call. Jennifer always open with her “blurb” saying that each call is an opening to the next one, and that the order of the calls happen for a reason: to achieve the maximum amount of energetic healing everyone can achieve.

I’ll admit, some calls didn’t hit the mark with me, but some of the calls really opened my eyes and helped me understand how to work with the universe better. After the 11th season ended, I missed waking up to listen to these calls first thing in the morning – and I found out that listening to the calls every 2 or 3 days for 3 months actually made me feel healthier and happier!

If you feel there’s a lot of energy work you need to do to help you heal through a time of loss, of change, of unexpected preparations, and of grieving, then I highly recommend joining in with this community.

At the very least, join in during the live calls and listen to the replays, because you never know which one will give you that “A-ha!” moment that can truly shift your being and heal your life.

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  1. You are doing a fantastic job. God is not thorguh with you yet. There is so much God has purposed you to do. You are one of the most powerful women I know.

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