Giving While Healing: Give Money, $1 a Day

Cynthia Kersey Unstoppable Foundation

Photo by Marc Louwes

I LOVE helping people.

It didn’t come clear to me immediately, but helping other people be happy helps me to be happy. Using my creative powers for my own benefit is wonderful, but being able to use it for the benefit of another person is an amazing feeling.

However, I wasn’t always so happy. In fact, just recently I went through a very difficult time in my life.

It was a time of loss, a time of change, a time where I needed to adjust my expectations and learn to let go of my anger, rage, hurt, and grieving. The emotional hurt that I was suffering became too much to handle that I had to shut myself out from the outer world and “retreat into hiding” to tend to my wounds.

Maybe you’ve felt a similar pain? The form of of our pain is different, but we all hurt in the same way.

Of course, while I was going through the ordeal, I didn’t realize it, but when things started becoming better, I realized I was in complete resistance. I was operating from a place of fear instead of a place of love.

It wasn’t an easy journey (in fact I’d go so far to say that I hope I never have to go through it again), but learning to stop resisting, learning to connect with my fear and listen to what it has to say has been a very liberating experience.

Now, I am entering a new phase of my life. Step by step, I am regaining the control that I once lost due to a series of “miseducated” choices based on false, fear-based assumptions. I did have to shut myself out so that I could exercise “extreme self care” (as Cheryl Richardson says it), but most of the change was brought because I learned to release my resistance.

In short: I started to believe, and feel that what I wanted to manifest was coming my way.

Now that I am in this new “vantage point” (a term I borrow from Abraham Hicks), I realize that what the “gurus” have been saying all this time is true. It is a rich experience to be able to move into a state of ease, creating a flow from the heart for balancing our lives with self compassion and self care.

Seriously, the most valuable choice you can make in life is learning to love yourself.

When you connect with your fear and start to love yourself (and, in some cases, learn to love your fear also), you can see clearly all the blocks that were previously blocking you from living an abundant life. So much of the hidden resentment that comes out in the form of cynicism, skepticism, and – pardon my French – “bitchiness” is cleansed out in catharsis. I let go of judgment, both towards other people and especially towards myself, and allowed harmony to come into my life.

Now, I feel clearer, stronger, more embodied and more in harmony – what a great feeling!

Give away money, $1 a day

Even though I was starting to manifest a better life, there were still some things I needed to let go. In particular, I needed to let go of one major fear I had: fear of lack.

In other words, I needed to let go of my fear that I wouldn’t have enough money.

How did I let go of this fear? Why, by giving away money, of course!

The opportunity presented itself at the end of the 11th season of Healing With the Masters. During a special session, Jennifer invited Cynthia Kersey for a bonus call to talk about the work they are doing with her Unstoppable Foundation. This foundation has a vision to empower the people of Africa by providing them with sanitation, clean water, and education.

Unstoppable Foundation

Jennifer herself is constantly involved in helping this movement, so it was natural for her to give a chance to people who were listening in to also chip in with whatever amount they can help.

There were several options available, from $20 to a full fledged $5,000 donation. If you donate above $100, you get a special bonus: an MP3 download of the “11 Forgotten Laws” program by Bob Proctor (I already have this program, and I highly recommend it since it is actually one of the tools that helped me transition from a life of fear into a life of abundance).

Obviously, I don’t have $5,000 to burn, but I did choose an amount that felt “risky” for me. I chose that amount to test my fear: if I gave too little an amount, it wouldn’t really be called giving, but if I gave too much it would bother with my financial cash flow. Therefore, I chose the equivalent of $1 a day for a year which goes to sponsor one child’s education for an entire year.

The minute I pressed the donate button, I immediately felt the fear melt away.

Fast forward 2 months later, my cash flow is still good. In fact, giving away money inspired me to be more focused on my financial efforts (running a business), so I am actually making more money now than I did before. It’s true that the only way to face your fear is to face it, face to face.

This is the lesson I learned: to overcome my fear of lack, I had to trust in the fundamental abundance of the Universe.

If you have the same fear as I do, if you want to overcome your constant worrying that you won’t have enough money, I recommend tithing (donating) any amount you can to Cynthia Kersey’s Unstoppable Foundation. I believe that even a small amount will nudge your transformational energy in the right direction towards an abundant life:

>> Click here to overcome your fear of lack