What I Learned About Pain of Loss in Healing With the Masters

Panache Desai

Panache Desai, one of my favorite speakers

Jennifer is a generous person of love and light.

For 16 seasons in 8 years, she has been running Healing With the Masters for free. People can join in on this festival of spiritual healing online without paying with anything except their attention and presence. This is the reason why this program has received over half a million attendants around the world – which raises the healing vibration even higher.

In the 11th season, I had the opportunity to attend each session and listen to each healing master speak about their expertise. Not every session hit a home run with me (some even striked out), but I made the effort to listen to all of them because Jennifer says each one is an opening to the next call. The ones that did a home run with me were by Panache Desai and Colette Baron Reid, just to name a few.

During the 3 months the 11th season ran, I mostly relied upon the Healing With the Masters replay. This is because Jennifer sends out an email containing the notes she took after every live session. I find these notes to be very helpful in getting an overview of the topic before I start listening – in other words, Jennifer’s notes helps me to get more insights and awareness out of each session.

Healing With the Masters Replay

Each replay is available for 48 hours after the live call, but since Jennifer is a generous person, she often reopens these calls during the weekend after they occurred because many people miss out and request that they can listen or even to listen again for those who have.

In the last season, there were 27 calls in total, plus several bonus calls, including 3 live bonus calls that were made available only to people who upgraded to the Platinum package. The complete rundown of the calls and replays that happened during the 11th season of Healing With the Masters is as follows:

Note: I’ve linked a few speaker names below to their official web pages.

What I did in each call was visit each speaker’s web page, then signed up to their mailing list, liked their Facebook pages, and followed them on Twitter. Often, these speakers give out free healing online live classes or events, so I recommend you do this to build up a community of positive light healers that surround and enter your consciousness every day.

March 12 Rikka Zimmerman
March 14 Howard Martin
March 19 Mashhur Anam
March 21 Jacqueline Joy
March 26 Glenn Harold
March 28 Sonia Choquette
April 02 John Assaraf
April 04 Lee Holden
April 09 Jonathan Goldman
April 11 Kenji Kumara
April 16 Colette Baron-Reid
April 18 James van Praagh
April 23 Wayne Dyer
April 25 Bob Doyle
April 30 Jennifer Mclean
May 02 Margaret Lynch
May 07 Ram Dass
May 09 Patricia Cota-Robles
May 14 Panache Desai
May 16 Rikka Zimmerman
May 21 Dr. Sara Gottfried
May 23 Neale Donald Walsch
May 28 Eva Gregory
May 30 Clayton Nolte

Here is a video featuring both Panache Desai and Rikka Zimmerman, two of the most popular speakers in Healing With the Masters:

Besides these main calls, several of the masters returned for a “reprise” and did a live call Q&A with the healing community. There were also unannounced live Q&A calls, and a set of exclusive calls that Jennifer did only for premium members. These calls were especially insightful for me, since I learned about other people’s pain of loss, and how we are not that different when it comes to needing support in this difficult time.

If you want to know the complete schedule of the upcoming season so you can catch your favorite healing master, then sign up using the link below:

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My favorite healers: Panache and Colette

Speaking about favorite healers, Panache Desai and Colette Baron-Reid’s sessions were especially impressive for me.

What I love about Colette isn’t what she said during the session, but what she has on her web page: the “Daily Wisdom Pick”, a set of oracle cards to give people a hint of encouragement on which direction in life they should take.

I used this set of cards to help me with a question I had. I’ve forgot what I asked originally, but I will always remember the answer: that abundance is my ally.

I wrote the answer down in my journal:

Ride the Wave

“Right now, success is easy and effortless.”


You can be assured that you’re entering a time when you can ride the wave of abundance. The tide has turned, and you can put your “surfing” skills to the test!

Everything that you know—all your talents, coupled with your hopes and dreams—will carry you forward. People and circumstances have come out of the ocean of potential and possibility to take shape in a wave of spectacular activity.

Know that you’re definitely on the right path!

That is a great answer, to any question!

In Panache’s session he talked about “Awakening to Your Miraculous Life”, and how resistance leads to suffering – when you resist your emotions, you end up suffering.

Therefore, instead of repressing your feelings when you feel sad, depressed, anger and rage, connect to these feelings and listen to what they have to say. Often, by listening to your inner voice, you can instantly release the pain and heal yourself.

This lesson itself has helped me a great deal in understanding not only my own pain, but also other people’s pain. It has taught me to be more compassionate with myself and also with other people. I’ve even used this knowledge to help a friend of mine go through a break up with his partner after a 3 year relationship – so I know it works.

Isn’t it funny that, just by listening to these sessions, we become “healing masters” ourselves?

Jennifer always says in the opening that the real master is “you”.

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