3 Ways Rikka Zimmerman Can Unblock Your Abundance

Out of all the speakers in Healing With the Masters, one of the most popular is Rikka Zimmerman. She is in such high demand that Jennifer invites her to appear not only once, but up to three times. Compared to others, in each of those three calls (one session and two live Q&A calls), the number of people who attend shoot through the roof!

Why is Rikka so popular? Why do thousands of people believe in her capability to help others go through this difficult time and turn their pain of loss into a life filled with divine love and energy?

One of the keys that Rikka talked about in the previous season of Healing Masters is to be present in every moment.

The reason why you come up against blocks while trying to manifest abundance is that you are stuck in a fixed position, and you are not allowing your energy to flow. Your traumas from the past, and your anxieties about the future, form the belief systems that make you even more stuck in one spot. The more you try to resist it, the stickier it gets – this creates a cycle of disharmony in your life.

In order to release this block, you must expand your consciousness. You must allow your energy to flow by releasing the trauma of your past and anxieties of the future. You do this through meditative exercises to focus your energy and find where it is stuck so you can release the block and regain the flow towards abundance.

One exercise you can do right now is Rikka’s “3 Keys to Loving You”:

I believe that Rikka is so popular because she is genuinely interested in helping people heal. You can immediately hear her sincerity through her tone of voice (which is very soothings, since she is a singer also). Rikka is a very bright, cheerful, optimistic person – and she fills the room with such a warm and fun energy.

So many people (especially middle aged women) call in to Healing With the Masters in the hopes of being able to ask Rikka directly about the struggles in their personal lives. Maybe you are struggling too: maybe you’re going through unbearable emotional hurt from a recent divorce, or you’ve been doing a lot of energy work but you’re not feeling it. Though it feels like you can’t imagine how your struggles could end, I believe there is a solution to every problem and that Rikka Zimmerman is a wonderful woman who can help you greatly.